Playing with Build123d

Keywords: #Ros2 #KIWI #Cadquery #Build123d
Alright, third post in a row where I switch to a new build system. I know it’s not a great look, but I swear this is the last time. With this new model in Build123d, I’m finally settled on a library that seems to scale gracefully (roughly linearly) as assemblies accumulate complexity. Why the switch?: Assemblies become unwieldy Previously I touched on the fluent programming style, and how it felt like a substantial change from the OOP style I’m used to.

Playing with CadQuery

Keywords: #Ros2 #KIWI #OpenScad #Cadquery
In the last post, I mentioned I was having reservations about OpenScad, and its suitability as CAD software for KIWI. The primary source of these reservations was simply that after making only minor headway, each operation had become so tedious. Simple things like a bracket for a servo was becoming far too much trial and error for my liking. Initially, I thought I’d be able to simply take some measurements of my part before I begin modelling, save them as variables “servo_width, servo_height” or something similar, then use these dimensions to define our extrusions/cuts for the servo mounts.