Topic Plotting

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TUI’s have been around for years (Understatement). There is a strong precedent for them, with plenty of examples showcasing what makes for a great piece of software. I’ve always admired how much `prettiness' a developer can achieve using simple symbols and glyphs. I really do feel that the limitations and constraints really force one to be creative and mindful of the medium in order to get something that is enjoyable to look at.

Playing with OpenScad

Keywords: #Ros2 #KIWI #OpenScad
I’ve been wanting to get better about writing updates more frequently than I am currently. One of the big reasons for taking so long between posts is that I’m absolutely horrible at judging where exactly I should ‘plant the flag’ in a project, and get to writing about it. This is most evident in ORNIS, where I literally spent six months writing code, and didn’t write a single word about it until it was essentially a mvp.

Introducing ORNIS

Keywords: #Ros2 #ORNIS #TUI
Presenting ANOTHER entry in the “Definitely not a Backronym” series! This one is a bit different, being a project that is entirely software based. TL:DR I made a Terminal User Interface for ROS2. Is it good? No. Should you use it? No. Go use Foxglove Studio, it’s an open source WebApp, made by people mature enough to know that Terminal User Interfaces are limiting and dumb. If you’re still interested, you can check out the GitLab here.

Introducing KIWI

Keywords: #Ros2 #KIWI
K.I.W.I, aka ‘Kinetic Inverted Wheeled Invention’ is the next project on our journey forwards. You may have noticed a trend in naming: I really like bacronyms, no matter how forced. This project will be a little more involved than QUAIL, as an inverted pendulum is inherently unstable, requiring us to do some analysis before getting into the design. This is one of my favorite parts of working on robots, there is something really satisfying about being able to do a bit of math to predict how the robot will behave.