Interaction Improvements

Keywords: #Ros2 #ORNIS #TUI
One of the earliest requirements I laid out for ORNIS was the ability to send/recieve service calls. While the ‘ros2 service’ interface may be convenient, it is cumbersome to say the least. I have had countless issues with attempting to fill out larger service requests via the CLI, only to accidently mess up the indentation. The resulting failure to request always strikes a nerve. Ironically, my initial implementation of the service interaction had the exact same issue.

Bringing Kiwi to Sim

Keywords: #Ros2 #KIWI #Gazebo #Docker #OpenScad
In our last post, we blocked out a primitive 3d model of our inverted pendulum. From here, the next step is to get the basic mesh into Gazebo, to allow us to begin testing in simulation. From Zero to Gazebo I suspect that everyone who has ever used ROS has had to deal with the horror of building/installing ROS. It can become a serious pain, and you wouldn’t believe the number of hours I’ve had to spend in the past dealing with missing/incorrect dependencies, or the source code refusing to compile.

Topic Plotting

Keywords: #Ros2 #ORNIS #TUI
TUI’s have been around for years (Understatement). There is a strong precedent for them, with plenty of examples showcasing what makes for a great piece of software. I’ve always admired how much `prettiness' a developer can achieve using simple symbols and glyphs. I really do feel that the limitations and constraints really force one to be creative and mindful of the medium in order to get something that is enjoyable to look at.

Playing with OpenScad

Keywords: #Ros2 #KIWI #OpenScad
I’ve been wanting to get better about writing updates more frequently than I am currently. One of the big reasons for taking so long between posts is that I’m absolutely horrible at judging where exactly I should ‘plant the flag’ in a project, and get to writing about it. This is most evident in ORNIS, where I literally spent six months writing code, and didn’t write a single word about it until it was essentially a mvp.